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 ENTER – Digital Anthology brings together poets, prose writers, musicians, cartoonists andcordelistas who maintain the relation with the word in the web.

On computer keyboards, the ENTER key carries a command, or a line of commands, performing its default function.  In other words, ENTER initiates a process, like that of an OK.  In the design of some keyboards, the ENTER key appears as RETURN, with an arrow pointing down and to the left, and generally fulfills the same function as ENTER.  In some programs, it works like a cursor command, serving to change lines or to start a new paragraph.  Despite small variations, depending on the configuration of different operating systems, programs and commands, ENTER invariably has the function of taking its user to a new logic/ language/ space, or even simply a new paragraph.  It is a key also used on calculators, ATMs, credit card readers, and games.  As an expression, ENTER has been used as the title of CDs (as in the albums Within Temptation from 1997 and 2006’s Russian Circles) and as the name of innumerable computer science magazines in the USA, Finland, Poland, Croatia and Macedonia.


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